Monday, April 24, 2006

Welcome, gentle reader. JFKBits is about software and life; hopefully how to make life better, or less painful, through software. I would like to publish several things here:

  1. What's new (or old) in technology -- what's out there, what I'm finding useful, what could be better. I don't necessarily stay very up to date, so don't be surprised if I write about something that's 10 years old, if I just started experiencing it.
  2. Stories -- "war stories" and "bug stories" about my own software experience, and generate discussion on what we can learn from these
  3. Tips and tricks that I find for debugging specific problems. An ideal for me on this front is that whenever I encounter an error message or a funny bit of behavior, I blog it along with any solution I find. I feel this would be helpful in terms of replicating useful information, as well as adding to the reference count of any useful web sources.
  4. Theory Stories -- My own attempts to explain, for myself mostly, some concept or technology. In particular I would like to finish a project I started in my master's thesis where I was attempting to explain what I had learned, in a manner that was less formal than is required by a thesis.
  5. Reflections on technology and how it fits into the rest of life. I intend most of my audience to be tech-focused, and I think we tend to assume technology *is* life, or at least an important element of Life As it Was Intended To Be, but we should probably force ourselves to admit, occassionally, that technology serves some higher purposes. If we have to do that, might as well use bits.
Those are the goals. I'm looking forward to this.


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