Monday, July 17, 2006

Rantlet: Look who (or what) knows so much

My CD is dirty or damaged. I knew this already. My computer knows it too:

Windows Media Player cannot play the CD. The disc might be dirty or damaged. Turn on error correction, and then try again. [Close] [More information]

So it knows the problem. I'm impressed. But I don't know how to turn on error correction. Why doesn't it do something about it? Why isn't there a button labelled "So turn on error correction already!"? I don't want to get my hopes up here, but maybe they could even just turn on error correction for me, if they think that might help.

OK, I'm calming down. I had popped in a familiar CD to help me focus, and now I'm having to write to get out my frustration. If you click "More information", it does at least tell you how to turn on error correction. And the error correction, as they tell you, doesn't always work and might cause your CD to skip when it wasn't skipping before. OK, so there's a legitimate choice involved that is best left to the user. And I'll allow that this dialog may be fitting into a standardized error dialog which always has those two buttons, "Close" and "More information". OK, no more to say. Just a vague, undefined dissatisfaction that will probably induce me to try something different if it comes along.

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