Monday, March 03, 2008

Quickie: Sometimes Simpler Is Harder

The Microsoft Knowledge Base article "How to Automate Folder Permissions" recommends creating three files: Addperm.cmd, Addperm2.cmd and Yes.txt.

As you know or can guess if you've used the cacls command, Yes.txt contains just the letter "y" and is piped or redirected to cacls:

cacls %1\%2 /T /G Administrators:F MUG2000\%2:C "MUG2000\Domain Admins":F <\yes.txt
What gave me a chuckle was the line "The third file is a little more difficult" in the directions, which I've abbreviated here:


(17 lines of script code here)


(6 lines of script code here)

The third file is a little more difficult.

Open a command prompt (Cmd.exe) and change directories to the root directory of the drive to which you have saved the other two files.

Type the following:

This creates a text file with the Y and ENTER needed to automate the CACLS command.

It's funny, but I can't argue with them too much. What's the alternative? A gray box with the single letter "y" in it?

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